Baby on the move…

by Hannah

We’re at the stage now where Baby Beastie is really starting to be on the move. Now he has got the knack of crawling, he’s increasing in speed each day and I think I had actually forgotten how quickly they learn to get about. He’s often padding around the flat following me wherever I go, nearly tripping me up. Add a 3 year old into the mix and there is the possibility for quite a lot of trampling! It just goes to show how younger siblings have to hold their own when they have bigger kids around them. Beastie lived in a completely child free zone with as few hazards as possible. Of course small toys were no where to be seen and there was no one to leave items lying around that might pose a risk. I could breathe easy but not this time. Eyes in the back of your head and all that.



With this new stage brings changes. The once contented baby that would sit happily in the pushchair is no more, instead he can’t sit upright enough and hates the straps pinning him in when he simply wants to be free to roam about. Sitting down on the ground at the park, trying to eat gravel is not my idea of a fun trip out.

The same goes for equipment around the house. His cot will soon need lowering before he masters pulling himself up but as he is still a little wobbly in the sitting department so we may be safe for a little while yet. Although he’s still very much a baby it soon comes around to the time that you need to adapt things and babyproof. The first time Mum I was three years ago would have been horrified by the standards of babyproofing in our house now, but like with everything, you live and learn and my multi-tasking skills are rather honed these days which is just as well…

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Becky 24th September 2013 - 9:04 am

Hello Hannah,
Thank you for sharing your story. I just wanted to note that don’t forget about lowering before it’s too late. They grow up so fast! 🙂


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