Embracing the Autumn

The chilly weather is well and truly getting into full swing and we are treated to some gloriously sunny days mixed in with some equally unglorious and miserable, rainy wet days. When the temperatures drop it can make it tricky to know what to wear and you can go out all wrapped up only for it to end up being too warm if the sun decides to shine. That’s usually when I am caught out and end up looking ridiculous in the ensemble I have chosen for the day.

We went to a wedding at the weekend and because it’s that funny time of the year where you just don’t know what the weather is going to do (that could be said for the most of the year!), we didn’t know what to expect. The day before the wedding it was pouring with rain and we had strong winds and then on the day the weather was beautitul with clear blue skies. It was perfect weather for such an occasion and luckily it didn’t spoil guests being gathered outside having celebtratory drinks. What did happen though was that the temperature dropped rather considerably once the sun went down and we were all left rather cold in the marquee that we were sat in. The baby and I didn’t have a warm coat handy either and my cold feet sinking into the soft ground wasn’t ideal, I needed a more practical pair of shoes. Perhaps not the best choice for October?

I do adore the summer time and I think it’s most certainly my favourite time of the year. Having said that although I do love the heat and spending more time outdoors during the warmer months, I do also enjoy the different seasons that we get. Autumn when the weather is fine is quite literally a breath of fresh air. It’s great to get up get wrapped up and put on some warm boots and go out and enjoy a crisp walk on a bright autumn day. The nature all around us is lovely to see, just before the really cold snap of the winter, this part of the year is really quite special.