The little boy who lost his name

Before I was asked to review a copy of, I’d already heard of these quirky little books through social media. So it was lovely to be given a copy for each of my boys seeing as they both always want the same things and I can’t get much past them these days if one gets something and the other doesn’t.

The concept is simple and the website is designed so that it’s extremely easy to personalise a book so that it’s tailored to your child. You’re buying online but it’s as if you can see the book in a shop thanks to the preview tool. It truly shows you what you will be expecting to get, the whole book in fact. I always judge the usability of websites and can be easily put off from buying if I don’t like what I see or the site isn’t user friendly. These guys have got it just right.

The first thing you notice is how wonderfully illustrated the books are and how the scenes draw you in to look further. The story is basically about a little boy (or girl) who wakes up one morning to find out that he has lost his name. His name is missing from his bedroom door and he can’t for the life of him remember his name. He then goes on a magical journey to find out what his name is and along the way meets lots of weird and wonderful creatures who all have a tale to tell! I had assumed that the stories would be the same but simply printed to include the child’s name but I was pleasantly surprised to find that both books were different. Although they featured some of the same characters, they each had different adventures which has made reading the books lots of fun and the boys have loved the different aspects to their books. They’re unique to them and they love that – no fighting on that front!

My eldest has been particularly taken with his own book. Now he’s six and reading himself he already has a keen interest in reading, so to actually have a book that includes his name as well as an enchanting story is the perfect combination for him. He also loves hearing that he shares his name with other little boys on films and television, so this book is no exception.

What I love most is how these books will truly be a keepsake and are certainly ones to be treasured. I must admit that I have made sure that they have not been in the general book pile to be thrown around and generally abused like most of their other books. They are brought out every now and then to read and I can’t see the boys tiring of them anytime soon. They are simply wonderful books.

Nb. I was kindly given two precious books for the boys to review and keep. All views and opinions are entirely my own.