Listography – Guilty Pleasures

It’s been a long while since I have joined in with this linky from Kate Takes Five, mainly due to the fact I have been absent from my blog and twitter! So this weeks topic seemed appealing and after staring at the wall pondering for a while I have come up with my list of guilty pleasures…

1. One Tree Hill


I have watched this series since the beginning and years later it is still running. I am not sure what I will do when they finally decide to axe it because the characters are getting a bit too old! My husband used to moan at me for watching it and is now converted, hooked in fact and is the first one to suggest we watch an episode. That is his biggest guilty pleasure, I’m a girl and can get away with it.

2. The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE)
Now this has been a recent one as it hasn’t been around so long. It’s car crash tv and reality tv at it’s best/worst. I initially boycotted the series, not understanding what all the fuss was about until I eventually succumbed and the rest is history. With this show you can just indulge yourself in the fact you don’t have to really think and their shenanigans are always likely to make you snigger. The fact they all giggle when arguing because they are on camera is funny enough for me! This is the flip side One Tree Hill where people are mainly do gooders and have morals. I have posted about it before here.

3.  Burger King Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Now I am not a major fan of fast food and I would say I rarely have it. However whenever I do go somewhere with a Burger King (as my town doesn’t have one) I always want to get a bacon double cheeseburger *mmmm*. Even when I eat one and think, every time, that the cheese takes like the plastic film in comes packaged in, I still enjoy it. Luckily for my figure we don’t pass one too often.

4. Hot baths

Now I wish this was my bath, sadly it’s not

I am a shower person mainly but when I have a bath I like it piping hot. Usually I will want a bath when I have aches and pains so the hotter the better. A bath is not a proper bath to me without it being a struggle to get into. I know it’s not good for me when my skin goes bright pink and occasionally I have been known to go and have a lie down afterwards. Self inflicted I know…

5. Browsing in bookshops

Now this one took me ages to think up, ages. I was thinking through all the foods I like and anything else that might interest me, if I am ever lucky enough to have the time…then I remember bookshops. Time permitting (and preferably) alone I could happily browse around looking at all the books I might like to buy, in some dreamworld where a) I have the money and b) I have the time to read them. I love the smell of new books and the guilty aspect is I feel so cheeky when I stand looking at a book for more than a few moments without buying it. Silly I know as countless people do it.

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