Get kids excited to read | Bookabees Review

We were recently sent a pack of books from Bookabees, who offer a book subscription service that is personalised to your child.

I don’t think you can ever have too many books and especially so when it comes to having books available for children. Having three children, we do have rather an extensive collection of books that we’ve collected over the years and some we love to read time and time again. However, it’s always nice to have some new books and perhaps books that we might not have discovered ourselves.

When Bookabees offered to send a box, I knew instantly that Tobias would be the one that would benefit the most at the moment. Although he’s reading independently, he’s still yet to fully grasp the joy of reading and he often reads books that we already have (or he chooses from the library). I felt that he would love to have a personalised box sent to him, filled with the kind of books that he will enjoy and are age appropriate and to hopefully really inspire him and get him more interested.

With Bookabees, each month your child’s box is handpicked according to their interests and how old they are.  You simply log in with some details about your child including their age, likes etc, then Bookabees curates a personalised book list for your child. A book queue of approproiate books is then formed – which you can manually choose if you like each month.

When you sign up, you have the option of choosing to receive 1, 3 or 5 books in your monthly subscription along with the option of choosing a FLEX or KEEP plan. With the FLEX you get to enjoy them, keep what you wish and return what you don’t want and with the KEEP, they are yours to keep.

I love how visual it is and how every part of the box can be used for something. I know that Tobias didn’t know where to start at first but he was so excited to receive it and get stuck in.

The system is simple to follow and they make it super easy for you to decide what to do with the books once you’ve finished with them (if you’re not keeping them). Once the books have been read, they can put their name in the back, give their star rating then post them back in the post to be returned (pre-paid). If they decide to keep any books, then they are available to buy at 50% the rrp.

I love that it comes with a little newsletter too with interesting facts and stories and Tobias has really loved this aspect. His older brother currently has a magazine subscription and I know that he’s felt a little jealous about that, so having this sent to him, has made him feel like he has his own thing too. We have told him that if he enjoys reading these books, then there is no reason why he can’t continue with this subscription every month like his brother.

It comes with some essentials too, including 3 bookmarks to accompany the books. He took a couple with him to school, as he had been needing them for his books – so I guess these will always come in handy.

It really is an activity set that provides lots of tasks for them to do, from colouring in, to cutting out and building.

It’s a real mixture of books, but I feel that they’re all completely suited to him. I love that there is a classic too with The Wizard of Oz.

They have a great deal on at the moment where you can receive 30% off your first order using the code LUCKYDAY.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea or are looking for ways to encourage your child’s reading, then I think that this is a really fantastic idea. It saves the trips to the library and helps to inspire your child by sending them books that they’ll really want to engage with.

Nb: We were sent a one month’s subscription in order to review the Bookabees service. All views and opinions remain entirely our own.