The Gallery – Water

I love Water, maybe as my star sign is Cancer and I am naturally supposed to be a water baby. I do however have my fears in the sea, being out too deep, worrying about what lies beneath and what might grab me but I still go in all the same and have braved some situations in the sea. This jellyfish was one of hundreds when snorkelling in the sea in Egypt. I was very brave and calm…

I have a few pictures that sum up what I love about water, that it can be great fun. This was my first holiday with my husband (then boyfriend) and his first meeting with my parents! It turned out to be a fantastic holiday and one where we enjoyed lots of laughs.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of my Mum enduring her ride in the ring down several slides. We were so amazed that we managed to convince her to have a go ‘as it would be fun’ that we didn’t stop to think that she might end up traumatised by it. She had an awful time, almost falling through the ring several times and randomly grabbing at strangers. It was so funny though, sorry Mum!

The funniest part of the day however was when my Dad suddenly felt he was too old to go round a water park when we were about to pay at the entrance. So after being unable to persuade them, my husband and I went to go and get changed. We were really put out and disappointed in them only to be surprised when they suddenly appeared by our lockers with beaming smiles. They had had a change of heart and the woman behind the kiosk had given them the pensioner rate which was substantially less than we had paid. Never mind the fact they weren’t old enough to qualify and had felt too old just moments before, it’s amazing what a discount can do!

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