The Gallery: Shoes

I am not your typical girl when it comes to shoes. I do love shoes and completely understand why women have love affairs with them. For me, I sadly have a love/hate relationship with footwear. I think this most probably derives from my childhood and memories of never finding the shoes I really wanted. I don’t have freakish feet or anything, I just am cursed with a high instep. All I remember is most of the pretty shoes just not fitting properly and if I did manage to squeeze my foot in, it usually meant they were too painful to walk in.

Nowadays, I do still have issues with certain types of shoes but my main worry is always heels and how tall they make me. I know most people are never happy with their height and usually it’s women wanting to be taller. My issue is being too tall and I would love the excuse to wear heels all the time to boost my height, I could stand gazing at all the different shoes to choose from and how great I will look in them. Instead I find myself looking at the heels and sighing at how big they are and how I will feel a giant.

So not surprisingly flats are my best friend *expects plenty of gasps*. They have to be pretty flats though you see…and I do love my Uggs, well I would have to loving flats!


My trusted flats


The glitzy flats



Last but not least, there is always a place that needs high heels, even for giants so these are some of my favourites…






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