Baby Beastie turns One

Yesterday my baby boy turned one. I can’t quite believe he is already a whole year old. Many people said to me yesterday that they couldn’t believe how quickly the past year has flown and I had to agree. His babyhood has passed by in the blink of an eye.

I think this time it has appeared to go much quicker as I have had two children to look after and less time to fully appreciate all those important little stages that you have more time to process with your first child.

One year seems too old to me. Although I can still state his age in months and will do for a while yet, it seems strange that I can now simply say he is ‘One’, just one single number. Maybe it’s because he’s my baby and I very much see him as the baby or it might be because he’s slightly smaller and a different build to his brother…but to me he seems much more vulnerable and not quite old enough to be one!

With each day that passes though I see how much he is growing up and becoming more and more independent like his brother. I know these days are going to flash by so quickly and that’s why it’s so important to savour every moment.


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He’s reached that stage that he is classed as a toddler more than a baby, although he is not yet toddling. Just look at how much he has grown up already…

Happy birthday baby boy!