Snow Day

Last weekend we woke up to a snow day! I’d been so preoccupied that I hadn’t even seen the weather forecast with the probability of snow, so it was a nice surprise to be able to shout to the boys to look out of the window – that never gets old!

It’s not often that we get snowfall that’s of the deep ‘wading’ through kind but it’s still fun nonetheless to see the delight on the boys faces and how they scrabble to get dressed to go out in it. My youngest boy loves a pair of shorts, a lot like most little boys I’ve gathered. However, he really wanted to go out in shorts and a t-shirt and was quite adamant for some time. I could have let him try but that would have been pretty mean. He eventually decided on jeans and took a little while to select which hat he wanted to wear and again, a floppy summer hat was pulled out of the drawer *sigh*. Despite all of this, we did eventually make it outside and my eldest at least enjoyed it to the full.

As I received a new camera for Christmas, I was keen to get out and have a go shooting in the snow. I know that I need to grasp opportunities when they arise and although it’s not always easy to find the time or the inclination at times, I made sure that I grabbed it before we went out.  I had my little girl in the carrier, so it wasn’t easy taking shots with her mainly in the way and she also wasn’t particularly enjoying being in it either. However, I took a few shots on our walk about and knew that I would have some to work with and start editing. I have to start somewhere and get a feel of what works for a photo and what doesn’t, it’s all very trial and error but I feel like the snapping bug has finally got me.

Shooting in the snow is a learning curve in itself and the brightness of the white can sometimes be hard to balance out. So I just decided to take a few of our surroundings and then take a few of the boys simply playing…


Here is the beginning of their diddy snowman, which stayed put for quite a while seeing as it has been so cold.

Shortly after this, he realised that his hands were freezing and you can see how pink they look here.

There were a few snowballs winged about, which is of course what snow day is all about when you’re a kid. Then when we had become too cold, we all went indoors to warm up and hibernate for the day.

Now, where’s some more snow? We’re ready for more!