Places to visit as a family

The last few years have been a bit of a whirlwind of baby rearing and general chaos, so taking trips to new places abroad hasn’t been high on our agenda. However, even though we now have another baby in tow, it does make me think forward to the future and what travels we can now look forward to as a family of five. 

As our little girl gets older, we will be able to plan some adventures across the globe. This world monument quiz testing your knowledge of landmarks around the world inspired me to want to make a list of places we must make sure we visit at some point in our lives. 

Closer to home, we would love to actually have a proper day out in London to see the London Eye and other attractions. How crazy is that they we haven’t done so when we live so near to the capital? We actually have only been up to London with our eldest son when he was a toddler and we didn’t even go up to see the sights. It’s one of those things we simply have to experience as a family.

I would love to see us taking some cultural city breaks within Europe too, to places such as Prague, Stockholm and Rome. I’ve seen other people take their kids to places like this and they’ve really managed to enjoy the local culture as a whole family, taking in the sights and enjoying the food and entertainments.

Further afield, a trip to New York would be of great sentimental value to us as it was the place that we honeymooned. We took a trip to see the Statue of Liberty and it would be lovely to take the children out on the Hudson River to see it up close and also to see how fascinating the city is from a boat.

A trip to Seattle is one that we hope will come to fruition someday, as my husband takes business trips out there and loves it. There is so much to offer for families visiting and we would really enjoy a lot of the outdoor pursuits they have with water, mountains and evergreen forests aplenty. The iconic Space Needle is a must to visit. This place has been calling for some time now.

Travelling has taken on a whole new meaning and of course it’s not so easy to do now with factors such as school, finances and the logistics of getting about with three children. However, I’m determined that we can tick off a few places around the world once the children are a little older and also when they are more likely to enjoy their travels and have memories of them to treasure too.