Six Ways To Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

There is nothing more annoying than looking into the depths of your closet and feeling frumpy about the contents. Your wardrobe should be inspiring and it should make you feel confident and happy. It shouldn’t make you want to sob into a pile of clothes in the most dramatic fashion possible. 

Of course, as the world stands right now the chance to go on a shopping spree isn’t really going to happen. So, you need to check through what you do have and shop online for things like bags and shoes while you can. There are plenty of ways that you can spruce up your wardrobe and it doesn’t have to be massively expensive either. Here are six ways you can do it…

Check all your clothes one by one for the right sizes. You could have an entire wardrobe full of clothes that just don’t fit you, and that’s not the way you want to do it.  You want to know that you’re not hanging on to a ten year old wardrobe, not when you can get clothes for the body you have, not the body you want.  Anything that doesn’t fit you, put it aside for charity so that you can give back while sorting your wardrobe.

It’s lockdown so there is a very good chance that you’re bored. Why not spruce up plain t shirts with tie-dye? You can really give them a whole new look and it won’t take much to do it, either.  Sprucing up your tshirts is really easy, and it doesn’t take very long.

Get your friends together on Zoom for a virtual clothing swap. You can take turns holding up the clothing you’re planning to get rid of and offer your mates the chance to swap with you. You can keep them to one side until lockdown is sorted and you can see them, and it’s a change from the usual Zoom quiz night!

Embrace recycling with your accessories and transform your clothes. Bedazzle your jeans, or upcycle your old oversized shirts into a new cloth bag for laundry. Cut down jeans that are too long and make Daisy Dukes – you can get a pretty good summer wardrobe from tie dye and denim shorts!

Have you ever considered replacing your shoelaces with colourful versions? You can dip dye your shoelaces and go from boring white to jazzy yellow. You can even add your shoelaces to your tie dye bowl efforts and get those into whole new colours, too.

Believe it or not, statement jewellery is still in and you can add statement jewellery to every outfit you wear. It can jazz up any outfit and make you look beautiful while also helping you to stand out. Sort through yours and figure out which pieces would be best for you and the outfit of choice. 

The wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring, so work on it during this time and you’ll be able to have enough room to replace things as you need to once the shops reopen.

Nb. Collaborative post.