Top tips for renovating with a young family


Any renovation can be stressful, escalating in correlation with the size of the task you’re attempting. Now multiply that stress by the size of the family you need to look after while tearing down walls, grouting tiles, and retaining a relationship with your husband – and you’ve got an idea for the magnitude of the task at hand.

That’s not to say ‘forget about it’, but certainly think long and hard about it. Here are some top tips for mastering the highly skilled balancing act of renovating with a young family:

Make a plan

Before you do anything make sure you’ve got a detailed plan in place. You’re going to end up moving into a smaller part of your home, or even into someone else’s home for the most disruptive part of the renovation, so have all the details decided first to get the job done quickly once you start.

Reuse existing materials

With a young family finances can be tight so try to reuse as much as you can when you’re renovating. If your windows are in fairly good condition consider a sash window renovation to revamp them.

Stay safe

Whatever goals or deadlines you’re working towards, remember the most important thing; keep your little ones safe amongst the carnage. They are inquisitive and love to explore, so they will see the building site as a new play area.

If they’re old enough to understand, then sit them down and drill into them the importance of safety and lay down some clear ground rules.

Breathe Easy

A building site is dusty, and this can be unpleasant and unhealthy for you and your kids. This is particularly important if your little ones have got asthma. Preserve the quality of the air in your home during the renovation by securely sealing off work areas and vents with thick plastic sheeting and duct tape.

Remain positive

Remember that this is your choice, and it is all about improvement. You wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t worth it in the end. Keep drawings and mood boards of the finished project as your motivation throughout the renovation.