Cybermummy Fever

After all the hype surrounding Cybermummy and the build up last week it seems strange that it has been and gone. Like a holiday, you look forward to it so much and then it’s over in a flash. Already everyone is looking forward to next year! Not that we are wishing our lives away or anything…

When I started blogging somewhat randomly back in February, I would never have imagined attending a conference about blogging. I wasn’t really ‘au fait’ with blogs apart from ones I had just stumbled across when searching on the internet. I honestly thought it would be a novelty for a couple of weeks and if it wasn’t for Brit Mums accepting me as a member (after some time!) it would most likely have fizzled out pretty quickly. Soon after I was accepted I was sucked into the community and the rest is history. With a little encouragement I bought a ticket for Cybermummy, simply to see what it was all about.

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Since buying the ticket I have made some great friends and it was a fantastic opportunity to finally meet them all and put faces to online personas. I have to say the majority were exactly as I expected. Having already met the lovely Multiple Mummy and New Mum Online at a previous event, it didn’t feel quite so strange. What was great though was meeting Mummy Daddy and me Makes Three as we have formed a bond through our blogs and being newbies together. It was a pleasure to meet Working London Mummy and two of the girls I remember from the very first days of blogging who were Would Like to be a Yummy Mummy and her sister Not Yet a Yummy Mummy. They come across as really friendly on their blogs and in person they were just the same, brilliant company and like minded. I don’t think there was a moment that we didn’t have something to say to each other. Apart from being like naughty school children during the sessions, where we were reduced to note passing and tweeting.

I could go on naming everybody I met but they know who they are and it was good to see all the #MUMenTUM girls in one place including The Grumpinator and PR Mummy. We are hoping to meet up again soon, where we are not sure but it all sounds good fun.

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The event was held at The Brewery in London and it was an impressive venue, I loved the funky purple lighting. I immediately knew that the venue was perfect for the conference. From the moment I was dropped off it was a whirlwind of activity, from registration, meeting bloggers I had arranged to meet and going straight into the exhibit room. We didn’t know where to start and it felt a bit like Christmas morning. I felt this urge to make a mad dash round grabbing all the goodie bags! Sadly I do get quite excited about goodie bags regardless of their contents. On this occasion I was pleasantly surprised despite the pain endured carrying the bags around all day. I think a trolley bag is in order next year, it may not be very cool but I don’t care, it’s a necessity.

Besides being completely overwhelmed by the amount of stands to visit, competition/form filling, goodie bags to carry and vast amounts of people to meet the day had some great content and was superbly organised. It was inspiring to listen to Sarah Brown deliver a speech (even though I needed it pointing out who she was) and I found Rachel Johnson engaging, that lady holds her own. The workshops required a little more focus on my part but all valuable tips to take away.

I particularly loved the key notes at the end where a selection of bloggers read out a popular post of their own. They were witty, uplifting, saddening, poignant and hilarious. There were tears of laughter and sorrow. Truly moving.

While the key notes were being read the after party was being prepared and it ended the day perfectly. We all got a chance to mingle whilst drinking wine and eating nibbles which were provided courtesy of Three. I am so very glad I took the plunge and bought my ticket to Cybermummy11, I wouldn’t have missed the opportunity for the world.

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