Pets or parents: Who will you favour this Christmas?

More and more people are opting to splash the cash on their beloved pets this year than spend their Christmas with their parents. Whilst giving your pet a little extra love during this holiday season is important, it seems the public are opting to abandon their older relatives’ box of chocolates for a lavish chew toy for their best furry friend!

It may be that your parents are tucked nicely in their McCarthy and Stone home but that is no reason to leave them out of your celebrations this year.

Gift giving etiquette

A recent study claims that 9 in 10 of pet owners plan on buying gifts for their furry pal, whilst 4 in 10 claim to plan on giving gifts to their friends and family on behalf of their pet. It may be cute signing a bath bomb set with “Lots of love Rex” but that is no reason to skimp on the effort when it comes to your personal input and gift giving to close friends and family.

Perhaps its down to the huge range of pet toys and treats on offer but its almost become a given that Christmas time is for ALL the family, pets included. However it seems hard to see how a stocking full of dog treats is justifiable when it means some close relatives get left behind.

The survey mentioned above even claims that 48% of the public like to give their special companion a treat filled meal on the big day to ensure they don’t miss out on the big dinner that the rest of the family get to enjoy!

Holidays with pets

Some articles, such as this one on Business Time, even claim it is not so strange to celebrate the holidays with your pet; reporting that its natural to want to nurture and look after your pet in an almost human manner at a time of celebration. Pets are, after all, part of the family.

It should come as no surprise that Christmas time can be stressful for pets, the decorations, the tree, the paper wrapped presents and the onslaught of new people can bear down on your pet and as a result you shouldn’t let them fall by the wayside.

However, it can be easy to forget the elderly parents tucked away at home with nothing to celebrate. So when you’re wrapping up that Christmas chew bone or playful toy mouse, remember to send a card, a bouquet of flowers or even a box chocolates to your parents this year. A visit wouldn’t go a miss either.