An Autumnal Walk

A few weeks ago when the weather was still feeling incredibly mild, we were enjoying days out without the usual chill in the air and heavy winter coats.

This time of year, when the nights draw in quicker and the sun is lower in the sky, make for the perfect lighting when amongst trees. The boys were simply happy tossing masses of leaves into the air, kicking through mounds of them with their wellies and crunching on conkers scattered all over the ground.

I’ve always loved walks in the woods and I enjoy exploring just as much now that I can take my boys along too. I have fond memories of playing in the woods next to my grandparents house when I was younger. I used to love it during the summer when I would go and stay for a few days and my cousin would come to stay as well. We would often pretend to be witches in the woods and many a day was whiled away in our imaginary worlds. There is something so tranquil and magical about the woods…

Autumnal colours are the perfect backdrop for photographs. The colours are bright, crisp and warm combined with the glow of the sun. Unfortunately now the colder weather is setting in and becoming much more damp our days in the woods are few and far between. We will be eagerly awaiting the possibility of some snow to maybe create our own little Narnia.


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