A magical letter from Lapland

With two little boys, I have lots to plan this Christmas to make it truly magical for them. These early years where they ‘believe’ are so precious and I love indulging them in the festive spirit and letting their imaginations run wild. I remember when I believed in Father Christmas and the giddy excitement that comes with it, nothing can quite beat that feeling of truly believing in the magic of Christmas. If only it could be bottled!

Last year Beastie received a letter from Father Christmas and this year the postman will be delivering one to Baby Beastie as well. As Beastie was able to write his own ‘wishlist’ of presents that will be winging its way to the North Pole, *cough* it makes it all the more special that he will be receiving a personal letter in response this year.

I think it’s important as well for kids to remember that Christmas isn’t all about being spoilt. We have an ‘Elf’ who comes to stay from the 1st December who reports back to Father Christmas with news on any good or bad behaviour from the boys. A letter from Father Christmas whilst being under the watchful eye of one of his little helpers, should hopefully help to keep harmony in our house and encourage less fights.

The boys have received their letters from Lapland Mailroom. There are four letters to choose from, suitable for any age and slightly different for brothers and sisters and there is also a baby’s first Christmas letter that would make a beautiful keepsake. The letters are completely personalised and include information (given by you as parents) that make them unique to each child such as including the name of their best friend and what they want most for Christmas.

The special postage stamp will create much excitement when Beastie sees it but for now they are hidden in a safe place for them to open in December…

Some festive extras are included with the personalised letters and these are:

  • ‘Nice Child’ Certificate
  • Elf Yourself Activity sheet
  • Christmas Eve door hanger
  • Cut out and keep Christmas decoration
  • Colouring in Christmas card
  • Colouring in ‘Santa Stop Here’ poster

The postage and packing is also free of charge to anywhere in the world.

If you want to arrange for one of these extra special letters to be delivered to your little ones then you have plenty of time. The letters will leave the Lapland mailroom from the 1st December. They do also offer a next day delivery option if ordered before 2pm.

The Activity pack is a great idea and I know that Beastie will love colouring in the Santa Stop Here sign and as he always loves to put his own stamp on things, it’s perfect for him really.

Nb. We were sent two personalised letter packs for Beastie and Baby Beastie for the purpose of this review. Their names have been blurred out simply as I do not use their ‘real’ names on my blog.