Pet hates

Now this topic was just so irresistible not to join in! I usually have the odd moan and gripe but to have a platform for which to put them on? right up my street…

Number 1 gripe:

People who don’t listen to you. Now I like to think I am a pretty good listener and think it’s very important, if a conversation is interrupted (where I am predominantly the listener) to always make sure I engage the person afterwards with ‘so you were saying?’, just in case they can’t find the right moment to start again. Now when that happens to me and the person who is listening to my story starts talking about something else/to someone else it really irritates me and I find it down right rude. Personally I don’t like to think of people being offended and even if the story is completely mind numbing I will try my best to save feelings! Ditzy people tend to be the major offenders (sorry to any ditzy people that are good listeners).

Number 2 gripe:

Lights being left on for no reason and being of no benefit to anyone. I am turning into more of an old nag because of this…

Number 3 gripe:

People chomping on their food. I usually notice this at work when I just want some quiet time on my break and the sound of someone chomping/slurping is amplified. Even worse is chomping with mouth open, aargh!

Number 4 gripe:

Having an untidy house, I can’t relax with mess around me. I don’t like washing up hanging around, especially as we have an open plan kitchen/lounge. It rings true with me ‘tidy house, tidy mind’. It’s the bane of my life, I wish I could let things slip a bit more.

Number 5 gripe:

Punctuality. I don’t like being late for anything, I find it makes me anxious. I would rather turn up somewhere early than be running late. Like Super Amazing Mum, my husband is like hers! He will take his time getting ready and if he is given a time to be somewhere you can usually add an hour on. We have snuck into weddings before mid ceremony, just cringeworthy! So the battle continues for me stood outside the bathroom door saying ‘are you ready yet?!’.

They say it’s good to get things off your chest and indeed it has been! Besides all the above I am a pretty contented person, honest.

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Pet hates