We have joined the Butlins family

I just wanted to point out a nice little red badge that my blog is sporting at the moment…

Last Friday Butlins announced their new ambassadors for the next 12 months. Initially they had decided on appointing 20 bloggers but decided to extend this to 40 and I was thrilled to find out I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen.

As a family we visitied Butlins last Christmas for the Tots100 party and we were able to sample what the resort had to offer then and are more generic cialis black (tadalafil) than chuffed to be able to make a return visit. We are currently trying to organise a new year break away as our ambassador trip and we can’t wait to stay in their brand new hotel again, this time as a family of four.

Now I think it’s about time that my husband faced his fear head on. He has a phobia of people dressed in character costumes and yes you can’t avoid these lovely people at Butlins. It’s going to be lots of fun!