It’s a family affair: Becoming more energy efficient

There are very few families that are not looking to save a few extra pounds here and there- but knowing where to start can be a real headache. For every household, energy bills are one of the month’s largest expenditures and yet there are lots of simple actions which most of us are not taking which could help dramatically reduce this spend. First of all you should compare energy prices to ensure you are on the cheapest rate- but once you are on the best deal then the rest is up to you! Becoming more energy efficient is something we should all be looking to do- both for the planet and our wallets. Here are five top tips to get the whole family to become more energy efficient:

Switch off the lights

Switching off the lights when you go out the room is easier said then done- but with electricity prices constantly on the rise it could be wasting you a small fortune.  A great way to get the family into the habit is by turning it into a game. Set up a chart in the kitchen and every time someone is guilty of not switching off a light they get a mark next to their name. Nothing  motivates kids better than getting one up on their parents- in no time at all you’ll have a light switch police force on your hands!

Ribbon Test

Having a properly insulated house will dramatically reduce your heating bills- but nearly every home has gaps from which warm air can escape. A fun way to find these gaps is by checking around the windows of your home with a small piece of ribbon- if the ribbon flutters then there’s a gap which needs insulating. Bonus points to anyone that spots how much hot air can be lost through the letter box!

Energy Monitors

Very few adults know exactly how much energy each of their appliances use; by investing in an energy monitor you create a fun learning experience for the whole family. This simple device fits into any plug and tells you know exactly how much energy any electrical item is using. Set about comparing different appliances around the house. How much does a TV on stand-by use compared to when its switched on? What uses more energy, a washing machine or a dishwasher? The more you know about where you are using energy the more efficient you can become. It’s also a fun way to trick the kids in to doing some extra maths homework!


These days we have so many portable devices that there is nearly always something being left to charge somewhere in the house. Laptops, mobiles, computer game controllers and tablets are all guilty of being left plugged in when they are fully charged and this is all money down the drain. Set aside a designated charging zone where all your chargers live so its easy to spot when something is ready to be unplugged.

Solar Powered Toys

Get you kids thinking about energy and sustainability by investing in one of the great solar powered toys that are now on the market. With everything from remote controlled helicopters to creepy crawlies there is bound to be something your children will want. They are also a brilliant way of getting them off the computer and out into the sun!


Nb. This is a sponsored post