How To Decorate Your Living Room So It’s Timeless

Decorating and buying furniture for your home is not cheap and when it comes to the point where you need to do some work on a space, you want it to last for as long as possible. Here is how to decorate your living room so it’s timeless.

Ignore The Trends

Trends come, and trends go, that’s what makes it a trend. Sure it could end up being prominent in interior design for several years but to avoid your interior design going out of fashion, try to ignore the trends where possible. If you want to incorporate some trends then it’s just worth noting to stick to neutral colours, rather than going to wild with your choices. So whether it’s floral wallpaper or a more minimalistic approach that’s currently trending, pick the styles that work for you and reflect your personality.

Choose Colours Wisely

When it comes to picking colours, this can tend to be a tipping point between having something that remains popular for years to come or being something you like for a few months or years and then get bored of. Different colours will work together, so make sure you compare before applying any paint or wallpaper to a wall. And if you want to switch it up at some point, by keeping your walls and bigger pieces of furniture neutral, you can take out and add furnishings like cushions and throws to add colour. That way, instead of permanently changing to a bright colour, you have the option of taking it away if you don’t like it. This ends up being less expensive in the long run too!

Focus On The Small Things

Replacing big furniture is a costly expense so if it’s not broke, why fix it? Instead, try to focus your attention on the smaller pieces that go in your living and see if you could change it out for something different. Perhaps a bit of nature in a plant pot or terrarium that can sit on your windowsill or coffee table. Having a rug in your living room, especially with wooden flooring can help bring your guest’s attention down to the ground. Rugs aren’t that expensive either, so you can switch them up to suit the seasons.

Make Sure Everything Goes Together

The most important thing when styling a room is to make sure everything compliments each other and that nothing clashes. For example, keeping similar materials and colours consistent rather than having nothing that matches is going to affect the look and feel of the room. So it’s important to fine tune all the pieces that go into your living space and to experiment with what works well together and what doesn’t. From the sofa you get at sofas – to the side tables, everything should work harmoniously together.

Lift Attention To The Walls

Art is a great way of adding that extra style to a room, and with a lot of art, it doesn’t go out of fashion. Even the most dated and ancient pieces are still finding itself a feature in people’s homes. Pick out art that really communicates with you and try to get a few pieces in each room. Try placing it near a light or if possible, have a light fitted to the top of it, so it stands out.

Showcase Your Memorabilia

Memorabilia refers to objects collected or kept because of their unique associations with special people or events. These items hold a lot of sentimental value and are worth showcasing in your living room. Therefore, consider displaying your memorabilia in this place to give it a truly timeless touch. For instance, you can immortalise your vacation memories by displaying your beach mementoes. All you have to do is fill your living room’s display cabinet with Mason jars containing your shells and sands to relive many family vacations. A postcard rack is also worth investing in to ensure that you can enjoy family memories without having to bring out old photo albums.

Take this advice, and you’ll be sure to have a timeless space that wows your guests every time.

Nb. Collaborative post.