SS19 Menswear Trends that Have Caught My Eye

Now that the warmer weather is here I know that a lot of you will be thinking about going out shopping for some new clothes. This applies to both my male and female readers. I thought it would make a nice change to write a men’s fashion piece. A quick roundup of some of the most interesting SS19 menswear trends I have come across while browsing online.

Designer Aloha shirts

As you can see here colourful Hawaiian shirts are set to be quite a big warm weather trend for men, in 2019. These bold, bright shirts tell the world that you are your own man. They are a quick and easy way to individualise your look.

Modern retailers sell through and re-stock every 6 weeks. So, the chances of you coming across another guy wearing the same Aloha shirt as you, are pretty slim. Speaking of which, if you have not hit the gym for a while, a Hawaiian shirt is a particularly good option. They are generously proportioned and hang away from the waist just enough to hide any bulges. On the other hand, if you want to show off your physique, just wear your Hawaiian shirt open with a tight white t-shirt underneath. It is a good look that works for men of all ages.

The all denim look

If you like denim, you are in luck because layered denim is another emerging trend. But, if you are going to dress in this way, be sure to mix the shades and textures up a bit. This will stop you from looking like you are wearing some sort of uniform.

Men’s boilersuits and coveralls

If, on the other hand, a uniform look is what you actually want, try on a few of this year’s men’s boilersuits, jumpsuits, and coveralls. They are not for every man but are well worth trying out.

Stripy and tie-dyed t-shirts

Most men have at least a few tee-shirts in their wardrobe. For 2019, the main trends are stripy and tie-dyed t-shirts. If you have a stack of white t-shirts in your cupboard, you might want to try tie-dying a few of them yourself. It is a quick and easy way to make unique clothes for yourself. You can find out about over a hundred different dying techniques, by reading this how-to article.

Men’s suit trends

For the first time in a while, wearing suits outside of the office is set to become very popular. There are all kinds of variations available, but these are the main men’s warm weather suit trends, for 2019.

Shirtless suits

Wearing a suit without a shirt is something that a few celebrities have been doing for a while now. This year, a lot of ordinary men will be doing the same

Linen suits

Eco-friendly fabrics are now very fashionable, especially linen. For SS19, a lot of designers have produced suits made from this natural, breathable material.

White suits

Many of the recent men’s catwalk shows have featured models wearing all white suits. Some in linen, but that is far from the only fabric being used. Semi-tailored white cotton suits should be easy to pick up from the shops, later in the season.
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