Housewarming gift ideas (that aren’t boring!)

When someone moves into their first house, they will likely be getting plenty of appliances and kitchenware from friends and family – sometimes they might even put in some specific requests of what they need. But if you do not want to spend too much money on getting them a microwave or if you just fancy giving them something a little more exciting, here are some ideas of gifts that are a little different. It’s easy to find more ideas; from researching family history so you can create a framed family tree, to printing a family calendar. Think about what the recipient may really love or benefit from.

Artwork or photo prints

A print or a framed photo is a great personalised gift and perfect for someone moving into a new home. You can easily find a printing company that can frame photos or find an independent business that sells art prints but to get something a little different you can buy photo tiles online in varying shapes that can either be slotted together to create one photo or can be made up of various photos and texts – meaning the receiver of this gift is free to arrange the pictures however they like and fit them into any room they choose. They can even spread out the tiles and use them in multiple rooms. In terms of wall art, photo tiles are a perfect gift as they allow the gift receiver to put their own twist on it and create a display they are happy with.

Personalised doormat

Like many products these days, you can get novelty and personalised versions of doormats! This could be a cute gift for newlyweds, with their name and date of marriage printed on the mat to welcome people into their home. Alternatively, you can get them something more fun like a novelty welcome mat for a film or music lover, or go for a humorous doormat guaranteed to give them a good laugh when they open it, and anyone who comes to visit.

Bathroom guest book

This is a great gift for someone with a bit of a sense of humour – a bathroom guest book. It is a funny gift that we can guarantee they will not have received from anyone else and will be perfect entertainment during that housewarming party. 

Custom Pet Portraits for your home wall art

Cherish you pets with custom pet portrait, add some personal touch to your home decoration. It’s easy! All you need is to pick your favorite photo(s) and send to us, and we’ll hand in the best piece of art to make you smile.


This may seem like a boring gift, but you can have a lot of fun creating your own calendar using photos of friends, family and pets. There are plenty of online merchants who offer fully customisable calendars, whether you opt for something heart-warming or something more humorous – it is completely up to you. They may not realise the importance of a calendar until they have one and within a couple of weeks, they will definitely be thanking you! What better way to keep track of all the household chores and family get togethers? 

Nb. Collaborative post.