Bare faced

Chanel Sunglasses CH5163 C5013C Womens Black Frame with Black Denim AR

I woke up this morning thinking my left eye felt a bit strange, knowing in the back of my mind that it could be something and hoping that my suspicions weren’t correct. I even lent down and my eye throbbed just like last time. Well I can confirm my inklings were indeed correct and I have a gammy eye to contend with for the next week.

Doesn’t something always happen when you have time off? it never goes to plan. Now I know it’s nothing major so I shouldn’t moan but I am going to anyway. The first time I had conjunctivitis was last August, I had managed to never have a bout for all these years, until Beastie came along and hopped along to nursery.

The first time coincided with a wedding and on the day of the wedding my eye (the left!) was possibly the worst it could be, watering like crazy, puffy and noticeably smaller than the right. I remember looking in the mirror thinking how attractive I look and remembering the advice friends had given me ‘Don’t wear any makeup and throw away the mascara and eye liner you have been using’. All this to avoid aggravating my eye, but what about the cost of my makeup! it’s certainly not high end expensive but not exactly disposable either.

So what do you do when you have a noticeable flaw? you try and compensate in other areas, so I tried my best to look glam and accessorised my hair with a pretty flower to avert eyes from my not so pretty eye. I also ignored all advice and wore makeup on that eye, whatever happened I would deal with it later. It was both sunny and windy that day so the sunglasses were out in force (as they always are), perfect for shielding eyes from the sun and squinty eye from others and gale force winds! So I sat in the car whilst people were congregating outside the church after the ceremony as my eye was streaming…I don’t think I could have looked more rude if I tried! not to mention the groom asking me if I was ok in the church as I was dabbing my eye constantly (I certainly didn’t know them well enough to warrant crying). The plus side was that my husband let me drink that day, obviously out of pity, it was his friends wedding so usually the designated driver would have been me.

So do I hole myself up this week in case I frighten any small children (excluding my own) or brave the world bare faced? I wish I could be one of those women who looks fresh faced when au naturel, I can go without foundation but I can’t never go without eye makeup, I just don’t have those sort of eyes! This is just another reason why the sun needs to shine….