What Should I Wear to a Family Funeral?

Losing a loved one can be incredibly difficult, especially when that person is a member of your close family. You might spend a lot of time thinking back on your memories with that person, as well as even debating whether or not you wish to attend their memorial service. Once you have made the decision to attend, you may need to consider outfit choices for the day. Not only should these be garments that are appropriate for the situation, but you may also wish to opt for items that bring you some form of comfort when you are suffering from loss.

Condolence-related jewellery

Now is not the time for statement pieces of jewellery. There are, however, items that you can wear that may bring you a bit of warmth, and even help you to remember the person fondly. While you could opt for something that was gifted to you by the deceased, or even an item that they used to wear regularly, you could also buy yourself something special in honour of their memory. Consider getting some memorial jewellery – with this, you can keep the memory of your loved one on your wrist at all times. This kind of jewellery is perfect for when you want to remember them or feel like they are close by. Going one step further, you might also want to think about matching items for other close family members, so that you can all grieve in your own ways, but have a memento together – see this feather bracelet condolence gift for inspiration.


Some people find it difficult to make seemingly small decisions in the run-up to a funeral. When processing the loss of a loved one, and the grief that follows, it may be best to keep things simple. You can use some ideas of funeral attire to help you plan what to wear but, overall, the general consensus is to keep it smart. This includes the length of trousers, dresses, or skirts, which should be modest and at, or over, the knees. While black is the traditional colour for mourning, it is key that you look at any dress requirements, as some people prefer to have bold, bright colours due to the deceased’s wishes.


Your favourite pair of trainers or high heeled shoes may not be appropriate at a funeral. Instead, it is best to keep your choice of footwear simple and classy, such as opting for flat shoes. If you want to wear some form of heel, it may be advisable to wear a kitten heel, as this can look great without appearing too dramatic. When buying new shoes for a funeral, it is also recommended that these are broken in prior to the day, so that you do not have to deal with blisters alongside the other negative aspects of the time.

Attending the funeral can be a good way to come to terms with the loss of a family member, as well as giving you a chance to say goodbye. Although it might not be a pleasant experience, it can help to soothe some individuals, knowing they were present when their loved one was laid to rest.

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