Have an Eggs-travagant Easter party

With the Easter holidays now upon most of us, I know that many parents out there are on the lookout for great alternatives to surprise and entertain their children. Why not throw an Easter party for them and a few of their friends? You’ll win the approval and undying support of their parents and have fun at the same time. The Easter Holiday Boredom Conqueror guide released by Homecrafts.co.uk presents inexpensive and easy to follow tips to help you throw the best Easter party ever.

You can start the day off by transforming the little monsters into beautiful bunnies or cute chicks with a face paint kit. And if you’ve got some older kids lying around why not let them do the face painting for the younger ones and present the best design with a prize? If you’re not keen on face painting your children, invest in basic Easter bonnets, which can be decorated and personalised easily, with real flowers or stickers.

Then perhaps kick the real party events off with a stereotypical Easter egg hunt. You can even make personalised egg hunt treasure bags so the kids have something to put their treasure in! Easy to do the day before if you rope in some little helpers. Just get some plain paper bags, and decorate with jewels, stickers, flowers or anything else you can find. These also work well as party favour bags for the children to take home with them. Your craft skills will be the talk of all the mothers in the playground!

And after the hunt why not surprise the children with their chocolate treats in another way – create a giant egg that can be used like an Easter themed piñata. It’s much cheaper and easier than you would think. Mix PVA glue with water and use that to mould tissue paper around a balloon, so you have a papier-mâché egg. Leave a small opening at the top of the balloon, and when the paper has dried, pop the balloon and then fill it with some treats. A spectacular way to end the party!

Easter Holiday Boredom Conqueror

An infographic by Homecrafts