Getting treated every now and then…

Most of the time I’m so busy being a Mum that I often don’t give treating myself a second thought. I mean my boys (children and husband included) are my priorities and I would always rather I went without rather than them. Sometimes though, the odd gesture shows that I must be doing a good job and that I’m not a considered a slave all of the time.

So when treats come along they are much more appreciated than they once would have been. I mean it gets boring to be treated all of the time, right?! On the whole I’m not a person that revels in surprises, they niggle me and make me uneasy, worrying about whether I will like it and then pretending that I do even if I don’t. I’m not so good at the latter these days. However, a surprise hamper delivered to the door, is a nice surprise! It took me a while to find out who had arranged the hamper to be sent to me but I would like to also say a huge thanks to Asda for making a Monday morning quite fabulous and well, not Monday like at all. Just the bottle of Pink Moet alone would have been enough to brighten my day. It’s still waiting to be opened but I really must drink it soon, even if the box seems too pretty to open.