Family Fun for a Fiver

We were recently challenged by Wilson Field to see what fun we could have as a family with a fiver. Now we all know how far a fiver can get you these days and when I do have change (which isn’t often!), it’s gone in a flash on next to nothing.

So it was interesting to receive a box of activities that cost no more than a fiver for us to try out. I was suprised with how much we got for that amount and it certainly does show you that you don’t need to spend a lot to find items that will be deemed fun. Here is the box we received…


We like making cake in this house, rather a lot. In fact my husband complains when there isn’t any cake on the go. Not particularly great for my waistline but I do like keeping the boys happy, so I usually oblige. I always make cakes from scratch so a ‘ready made’ cake box kit was all new to me. Beastie loved helping out mixing the batter as he normally does and for convenience it doesn’t come much simpler. For me however, I much prefer the taste and consistency of proper home made cakes and I would have thought it is cheaper to make from scratch, without all the added (unnecessary) extra ingredients involved in a packet mix.


Origami was totally new to us. My husband took on this challenge and learnt a few new things along the way. Beastie was impressed with the creations. This is perfect for a rainy day…

Beastie currently has his own plant at school at the moment, so he’s very much into nurturing his own plants from seeds. He’s careful not to eat the pips in his apples in case a tree should grow in his tummy! We used the eggshells from our victoria sponge and made ‘egg heads’. These little fellas only took a few days to grow and now have impressive hair do’s. Next it’s egg cress sandwiches.


Next up was making ice lollies. We went for orange squash and Vimto flavoured ones. These are a quick fix whilst at home and make so much more sense than pre-made ones! Kids just love making up their own snacks and these are actually still waiting in the freezer to be consumed!


So for a fiver you can squeeze in quite a lot of activities to keep everyone busy. You have to be savvy when shopping but it shows that it can be done.

We love getting outdoors as a family and depending on where you live, there is always something that you can do to have some fun.

Outdoors (taking a packed lunch!):

Spending time at a park, where the kids are free to run around

Family walk, enjoying the nature around you. Make it into a trail to find something!

Explore a town/village you haven’t been to before

At home:



Make a wendy house/rocket/anything you like out of cardboard boxes and decorate

Indoor/outdoor picnic

Make a den/camp inside or outside, using tents and other props.