Festive in black – my fave

Now I’m somebody that doesn’t get to dress up very often at all. You get the gist, I lead such an exciting life that getting dolled up is few and far between.

Normally, I’m the one that is sifting (and I use that term loosely) through magazines looking at all of the pretty Christmas party outfits wondering who are these people that actually go to all these parties. These parties seem to happen to everyone else, bar the people that I actually know!

For me dressing for the festive season should be all about the sequins and although this lady might not be invited to the ball, it doesn’t mean that I can’t dress in some more sparkly festive outfits.

So even though I might not have the excuse to get all glammed up, there are ways of incorporating some Christmas bling and there might just be the opportunity to wear an outfit or two on one of those elusive date nights…

My favourite as you may have guessed, is classic black.

I can keep it more casual in the day with jumpers and t-shirts then somewhere in between is a nice embellished jumper that can be dressed up or down. Then for evening wear (should I be so lucky) would be something a little special from somewhere like Coast, because you know, it doesn’t happen very often…did I mention that before?!

Left to right Joanie slogan jumper | ILWF slogan t-shirt | Topshop embellished jumper | Coast jumpsuit | River Island sequin dress

Nb. Collaborative post.