Theraline Caesarean Belt

Shortly before I was due go into hospital to have my baby, I was given the opportunity to try out a Caesarean Belt by Theraline which is something I had my eye on during my last pregnancy.  A few years ago I reviewed their Nursing Pillow shortly before Mini Beastie was born and loved it. My husband actually bought me a new pillow for my latest pregnancy as the previous one had somehow got lost through moving – that is how much I loved it and would recommend it.

Anyway, back to the belt. I was keen to try out the belt with this being my third (and final!) time around. Knowing what to expect with the aftermath of a caesarean, I knew that the belt and all the accessories that come with it would be invaluable towards my recovery.

With my previous sections I improvised and used to position a clean maternity pad across my wound to prevent knocks such as baby feet and my clothes sitting directly against it. This worked fairly well until I was moving about more and it used to shift about and inevitably slip down.

The fabric of the belt is really soft and the elastic around the back is nice and stretchy but firm. The belt is great in the fact that it comes filled with a cushioned pad and a plastic guard that fits over the cushioned pad to protect against baby booting and older children climbing on you.

I am now three weeks post-op and am feeling much better with regards to healing. I wasn’t expecting to be knocked sideways with the pain this time however and actually used the belt initially for pain relief by using the cold pack. I had a lot of fluid retention where my stomach felt very hardened above my wound and I have suffered much more bruising than I did before. The cold compress offered some much needed relief as well as the cherry stones (heated up) that soothed my aching back from having to prop myself upright in the bed to sleep. It’s great that you can use it for first and foremost, protecting your scar and also to be able to swivel it around the other way to help ease discomfort to your lower back.

I would have really appreciated this handy little kit after my previous babies but I have to say this time, it was a godsend simply because my recovery was a little slower due to my poor abdomen being pulled around for the third time. It provides some much needed protection and eases discomfort, making it that little bit easier to get on with the healing process especially when you have older children as well as a newborn to look after.

If you want to try one for yourself you can find out more by visiting The Caesarean Belt is available to buy from Theraline, Boots, Mothercare and Amazon.

Nb. I was sent the Caesarean Belt for the purpose of the review but all views and opinions are entirely my own.