My Christmas decor and traditions

I was lying in bed this morning looking out at the tree on the front lawn and I thought to myself how pretty it would look with some lights on it.  We’ve never had a tree to be able to do this with before, so it’s definitely going to get some festive treatment this year.

It also got me thinking that we’re now creeping up to December rather quickly and seeing as I want to decorate the house early on in December, I need to get my thinking cap on. It’s by far one of the things I most love about this time of the year.

Now when it comes to decorating at Christmas, I’m pretty much on my own with what we decide to do. We decided to finally get a real tree last year, after me pining for one (excuse the pun) and this means that my husband has to come out and choose one with me He also may help me if I get stressed out with the tree lights and when I didn’t water our tree properly last year and we had to resort to sawing off the tree stump a little (which didn’t go well…). So other than him helping me with disasters like that, he’s simply not interested at all.

Which leaves me with free rein when it comes to decorating with twinkly lights cue lots of eye rolls. This isn’t a problem of course but it means that I can get a little bit carried away.

I adore fairy lights and would happily keep them up all year round, so they are the first things to come out of storage.

Apart from the obvious decor such as the Christmas tree and lights, it’s the other little additions that really make it feel all cosy and festive. It’s the ideal time to bring a little more hygge into your life and get out the cosy blankets and themed cushions and Cox and Cox have an amazing range at the moment.

I haven’t ever bought a bedding set simply for the month of December but I’m really tempted. I know that it seems silly to splash out on a duvet cover that is only going to be used for a small fraction of the year but I always have my eye on them when I see them…

I have a little village of houses that light up with tealights but because we moved just after Christmas last year, they’ve never used. I think that they’re so pretty and I had wanted them for ages.

The advent tree will take pride of place on the sideboard and the candles will be burning with cinnamon and other spiced scents.

All I need now is some lights to go in the tree outside and a couple more decorations for the tree. I like to buy at least a new bauble or ornament for it every year.

What do you like to add to your home at Christmas time and do you stick to the same traditions every year?

Nb. A collaborative post.