My blogging MUST HAVES

Some of these items I have and some I am in need of and besides all the bigger purchases like cameras etc, these are some essentials that I think need a mention.

A planner

First up is an amazing planner, a planner that will turn my life around. I’m still waiting for that planner but I think that this one would be a pretty good match! My criteria is to have enough space to write in the daily date boxes as well as having enough pages to write all of my ideas etc. Wrapped up in a pretty folder, automatically MAKES me want to be more organised. I can only try.

I recently stumbled across this planner and it definitely ticks all of the boxes for me. It’s by Dot Creates and I warn you that there are so many lovely things you may want like me when you visit the site!

A ring light

This time of the year only makes it more apparent that you need light! Light is what you need for photos and what you need to use when you’re shooting a video. At the moment we have some photography lights that take up a fair bit of room and are a bit of a faff to put up and down and I really need something that’s more practical and easy to set up. Ever wondered how beauty vloggers manage to have such bright illuminating videos? This is one here is one of the ones that I am thinking about getting and I think will help me really start to get more motivated with my YouTube channel.

A noticeboard

Along with a planner, I find that having something visual on the wall, really helps me to stay organised. I need to look over at my board and see what needs to be done and then check things off as I go. It’s a good place to brainstorm too when you don’t want to mess up your planner!

I currently have a glass board that I use with multi coloured pens and it’s certainly been a game changer lately.

I LOVE my pegboard but at the moment I don’t really have anywhere practical for it to go and I also have a wire mesh noticeboard with pegs, but that is for family bits and pieces. Any of these though, are good for keeping your stuff together.

Flatlay backdrop

You may or may not be into your flatlays but if you’re doing product photography or simply like taking a photo of you sat at your desk, mug in hand, then you might want a nice backdrop underneath – rather than your rather boring/dark/scruffy desk or kitchen table. If you’re lacking some nice floorboards or marble worktops, then you need to improvise.

I have some designs that I had printed at a printers but you can also pick up off cuts of wallpaper from places like Homebase and B&Q and vinyl fabric from places like Dunelm. Or you can go all out and choose some of the amazing vinyl table top sized ones designed by the lovely Lucy from Capture by Lucy.

So here are just some things that are definitely important to me right now. Do you have anymore that you can’t be without at the moment? I’d love to know!

Nb. This post isn’t sponsored by anyone nor does it contain any affiliate links. I just wanted to share a few things with you!.