12 Days of Christmas – 3

My final installment of this series is aimed at children 8 years upwards.


This takes jigsaws puzzles to a whole new level! With Ravensburger you can now build landmarks with the clever interlocking puzzles. This puzzle has 216 curved, flat and hinged plastic pieces that all fit together without the need for any glue. Once built your masterpiece is there for all to admire. As well as this famous building you can also get the Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower and a red and white Lighthouse. They have some more iconic buildings being released soon…

SRP £19.99


This is a riveting technology kit for boys who love to build. They will be captivated by these new Rivetz kits as they learn how to snap and fix pieces of the pre-cut, decorated card together to create giant sculptures such as a superb Dragon, a Giant Hornet or an awesome red, black and white Racer.

Each Rivetz kit contains coloured, glossy card, the patented Rivetz Gun and the all-important Rivetz that once fitted together, make giant models that can be displayed on a shelf, desk or hung from the ceiling. The unique feature about these kits is that the Rivetz Gun can also remove the Rivetz without damaging the card, so the sculptures can be taken apart and rebuilt with friends whenever they wish.

These make great gifts that will make your child proud of their achievement and able to display for many years to come.

SRP £12.99


This is one kit that won’t disappoint young girls. What girl doesn’t like making up their own jewellery? These are almost identical to leading designer brands, but at a fraction of the price.

The myStyle collection is a must-have amongst girls looking to design and create professional quality accessories whilst keeping true to their own individual style. myStyle Deluxe Charm Bracelets are perfect for that, allowing girls to design and make beautiful silver charm bracelets.

 SRP £19.99


Environmental issues are tackled head on with Great Gizmos’ range in 2012, allowing young scientists and creative minds to experiment using everyday materials. The Green Science kit uses recycled elements and allows children to create misty cloud, experiment with acid rain and even explore the impact of global warming.

Let them learn about Green Energy and make their own Rocket with this set. Made from trash and powered by green energy, this is the perfect way to teach children about recycling and green energy. They can enjoy blasting fun by recycling two drink bottles and a few old magazine pages. Simply stamp on the empty bottle and watch the rocket fly up to 25 meters (80ft). This is great for learning the underlying physics with this cool green science project.

SRP £9.99


Calling all Dr Who fans, this is a must. Here I introduce the ultimate Doctor Who gaming experience; the Cleric Wars App and Q.L.A. Device is an immersive, Augmented Reality (AR) first-person mobile application game for iPhone and Android smart phones. Still with me on this?! You can download the Cleric Wars App (available from the app store) and get ready to lock and load as the launch of the Doctor Who Q.L.A Quantum Lokk Accelerator Anti Time Devise is upon us!

For those that have already experienced the excitement of AppGear’s Elite CommandAR, or for Doctor Who fans wanting to recreate the adventures of the Doctor in the most realistic virtual way possible, then the latest release from AppGear will be the hot pick of the autumn.

A little more information for enthusiasts:

The immersive controls use a first-person viewpoint with pan and tilt function. To defeat an enemy aim the Q.L.A and fire at it until a vortex opens up and pulls it in. The head up display (H.U.D) helps locate enemies whose general location is indicated by icons near the centre of the target.

This devise enables players to battle enemies in their own room! Dalek, Cybermen and Angels appear as if real, on screen via Augmented Reality (AR).

Hard to resist if you’re an avid Dr Who follower.

SRP £19.99

So this rounds up my feature of some great toys to buy for Christmas presents this year. There is something to suit most ages, girls and boys! If you missed the others you can see them below:

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