Muddy puddle time

It’s that time again for donning wellies on a regular basis although to be fair we have had to do it rather a lot in during the summer too. At least in the autumn time it’s what you expect and the prospect of being rained on is somewhat more acceptable and likely.¬†Even the runs to pre-school involve puddles along the way and when the heavens choose to open it’s usually around school drop off or pick up time.

If you like to go on lots of walks then having the right gear to wear is extremely important. I love wellies and the brighter the better. When I was little I remember having a classic green pair but the choice for kids now is endless and I love buying my son his new ones when he outgrows his last pair.

So if your child is like mine and makes a beeline for muddy puddles (like Peppa) then you will know how messy it can get. To be fair to him though I have managed to instil in him that puddles must only be approached if wearing wellies and not shoes! So shoes aside when jumping in puddles and out in the rain it’s inevitable then it’s going to be more than feet that get drenched. I have never got round to buying an all in one waterproof suit for either of my boys but have always meant to. If we do get any snow this year then they would be great to pop over their existing warm clothes, making it easy to take off when we go indoors or in the car.

Being prepared for our very British weather is a must and especially when you have little ones to cater for as well. The car might be laden with waterproof wear but as long as we have our wellies, waterproof gear and umbrellas we can face whatever the day may throw at us.