Christmas gift ideas for him

Do you find it tricky to buy for the man in your life? I always think that women are so much easier to buy for as there is a much bigger range of items available. What to do if your fella doesn’t like jewellery or accessories? It’s hard to get those presents with a more personal touch when you can’t get a watch for example that you might choose to get engraved. My husband has his wedding ring engraved but that was the first and final piece of jewellery he will ever own.

I am finding as the years are passing by, my husband is getting harder and harder to buy for. When we first met I bought him a plethora of electrical gadgets that he was somewhat lacking and it was great seeing his reactions when he opened them up on Christmas Day. Fast forward a few years and he now has all those gadgets and any new ones he might want are now way beyond my means. I don’t mean my budget as such, it’s more his lavish taste for high end technology, now that he is into graphic design.

I tend to think of some bigger items for him to go under the tree and then the rest are stocking fillers filled with lots of practical uses. You know the usual such as socks and underwear from He has a set style that he likes to wear so this way at least I know I am not going wrong, unless of course I choose a gaudy pattern but even then I don’t think that would bother him. I tend to buy his underwear anyway throughout the year so there’s no big surprises for him there but none the less are useful to him and are appreciated (I hope). When you think of stockings traditionally besides oranges and nuts, underwear usually features highly. I expect my stocking will include some as well but it certainly saves me the job of buying some.


So gifts for under the tree? Well I can’t divulge too much but if you are confident with choosing clothes then they are always a good option. I’ve bought items before that my husband wouldn’t have considered himself but has actually liked and worn. You have to be brave. If they’re into their gadgets (as most men are) then you can always go down the route of getting them the latest touch screen tablet. Aftershave is always a safe option for me but one that I like to think I get right as I always choose his fragrances…the I start to panic when he’s opening them that he won’t like what I have bought him. I think the main thing is that he can see I have at least tried to choose presents that he will want and that some care and attention has been paid.

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