Cantaloop Nursing Bra Review

When you’re breastfeeding, comfort is extremely important alongside practicality. You want lingerie that isn’t going to have you fidgeting around constantly trying to put your bra in a better position to be more comfortable. It’s hard enough being a new Mum without the added frustration of wearing ill fitting underwear, when you want to be at your most relaxed.

Cantaloop aim to make your pregnancy beyond childbirth as comfortable as possible and they are now one of the leading brands in pregnancy and nursing lingerie. The range has been closely tested with pregnant ladies and new mothers to ensure the best possible fit. They offer a range of nursing bra’s, shapewear and tank tops and they work towards one basic principle – that the products are so comfortable that you do not notice you are wearing them.

I have tried many nursing and maternity bra’s and have always found it difficult to find ones that I like. I am notoriously fussy with bra’s and how they fit and often struggle to find styles I like. I’m one of those that takes loads of styles and sizes into the changing room only to come out empty handed. When it comes to shopping for bra’s when pregnant, it’s not only how they look and feel, it’s how they support you during the changes that happen to your breasts before and after childbirth.

With my second pregnancy I bought a well known maternity brand. This bra fitted like a sports bra that involved putting it over my head. The material was fairly thick and not that breathable and I found it a struggle to put it on over my head and even more of a struggle when my baby was due a feed and I was very full. As a consequence I haven’t worn it much at all, simply using it as a back up when I need one to wear if all the others are in the wash. I had bought it primarily to feed whilst at home, in lounging wear and most importantly to offer support during the night.

So although I have been breastfeeding for 9 months it was great to be able to try out another nursing bra, after I have tried so many that failed to meet my expectations. When I first tried on the nursing bra it instantly felt like a second skin and I thought to myself that it felt like I almost wasn’t wearing it and this was before I read about their principle on the side of the box! They truly do live up to their claims. One of the major tests with a bra for me, is whether or not I can sleep in it. I always wear a bra to bed at the moment as I want to provide good support whilst I am still feeding and hopefully preserve some shape.

This bra is nice and stretchy, breathable and dries very quickly once washed – a must in the early days when you are often washing them through a lot. The back has hook and eye fastenings and these sit flatly against your back without any discomfort. As with all nursing bra’s it features drop down cups that are easy to open and close with one hand. As it’s so stretchy the bra will allow ample room for growth from late pregnancy through to the end of breastfeeding, providing optimal support at all times. We all know that nursing lingerie isn’t generally the prettiest of underwear and the ones that are, are most likely not terribly comfortable. For me it’s comfort all the way but my husband did point out that this bra was certainly nicer than most of my other ones.

It’s extremely easy to navigate their website and straightforward when selecting the size you will need. They come in 4 sizes and the guide charts are designed so that you can work out what size you will need, without having to be professionally fitted. They also come in four different colours and are priced at £24.00, which I think it reasonable for such a valuable part of your underwear drawer! If you want to find out more simply visit them at or drop by their facebook page.

 Nb. I was sent a nursing bra for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are entirely my own.