Our Christmas tree delivery with the Christmas Forest

Last week we were excited to accept the delivery of our Christmas tree.  We’ve never put the tree up at the very end of November before, but in actual fact it worked out as perfect timing for the weekend, with Saturday being the 1st December.

In the past, I’ve always enjoyed going to choose our Christmas tree. It’s a lovely little family affair, where you all trek out to pick the tree that looks just right for the space you have assigned for it at home. However, last year we all ventured out at the weekend to select the tree, only for us all to drive home again because there wasn’t room for the tree and all of us! So it involved a second trip out for my husband, so that he could load the tree in the car without the kids.

It was that same trip last year, that I suddenly realised that I wasn’t that bothered about picking the ‘right’ tree and actually the whole experience was more hassle than it was worth. These festive traditions should be fun and not stressful.

So when The Christmas Forest kindly offered to deliver us a 6 foot Nordmann Fir tree, to our door! I was certainly not going to refuse cheap ambien cr their kind offer. As I mentioned above, I’m at the point where I would rather have a tree delivered to our house to lessen my anxiety, rather than hand pick the ‘perfect’ tree for our lounge.

I was happy with the arrangement of a pre-picked tree and was pleased to receive an email on the day stating that the tree would be delivered anytime up until 6pm. In fact our tree turned up just after 9am and the delivery driver asked where we would like the tree.

We’ve been getting real trees for a few years now (after doing a few years with artificial ones) and after a few mishaps, we’ve learnt how to care for them and make them last throughout December.

I have to say that the prompt service and the amazing tree we received, have made me realise that tree delivery is most definitely the way forward for us.

The Christmas Forest have just started doing nationwide delivery, so it’s now even easier to have Christmas delivered to your front door.

Nb. We received a 6 foot Nordmann Fir tree and stand for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions remain entirely our own.