Review: The Simba Hybrid Mattress

We’ve now been sleeping on our new Simba Hybrid Mattress for nearly a month and it’s most definitely time to be sharing with you our thoughts on it.

I’m not someone that can just sleep anywhere and we’ve stayed away countless times only for me to hate the mattresses. They’re either too soft or too hard and because it doesn’t take much for me to get a stiff neck, I usually wake up feeling really achey.

This mattress has replaced our ten year old memory foam mattress that was MUCH loved. It was amazingly comfortable and no other mattress could ever compare no matter where we stayed. It cost us a reasonable amount all those years ago (but not high end money) and it was money well spent. From that day onwards, we were memory foam converts.

So what made us want to change our mattress?

Well if it wasn’t for the fact that I felt it was time for a new one (after all they say you should change your mattress every 8 years), I also thought that it might be nice to have one that wasn’t slightly pee tinged from our children’s accidents throughout the years!

Our first impressions

We already knew that it would arrive vacuumed packed in a box – so no surprises there. The delivery guys were super helpful and offered advice as to how to unbox and how long the mattress should be left to settle before use. We had originally taken them up on their offer of removing our old mattress but my husband decided that he wanted to hang onto it ‘just in case’ we didn’t like it. I had NO concerns whatsover but you know, he wanted to play it safe and now we’re lumbered with a mattress to get rid of.

The mattress was easy to slide onto the bed and the cutter provided ensures that you manage to cut through the plastic wrapping quickly and efficiently, without damaging the mattress in the process.

Once laid out, it expands very quickly and although you should leave it for a few hours, it certainly gets to it’s full size well before that (but we did wait). My husband was less keen initially and his first gripe was that the mattress was a lot deeper than our last one. He prefers beds lower to the ground, futon style and I definitely do not. This is entirely dependent on your bedframe as to how high it will be, but it’s the depth that I would expect a decent mattress to have.

So what’s so special about it?

Straight away we realised that it’s just as comfy as our last mattress but feels a little firmer. Not in the sense that it’s harder, just that it’s more supportive and when you sit on the sides of it, it doesn’t sink too much. The memory foam is very responsive.

The top layer is called Simbatex and gives cool, gentle support.

Memory foam mattresses are known to be a little warmer to sleep on. It’s never been an issue for me but my husband often gets hot in the night, no matter how cold it may be. The surface is hypoallergenic and allows the air to flow which provides freshness and that all important temperature control.

What’s different for us is the addition of the conical pockets springs that are under the second layer – a whole 2500 of them (for king size). These individually adjust as you sleep but you would never know that they are there. Think of the times that you might have slept on a mattress where the springs can be felt – it just wouldn’t be possible to feel these.

I was always under the assumption that full memory foam was the best for us, but actually, I’ve been proven wrong here. They certainly enhance the way the mattress feels.

It comprises of 5 layers to give you optimum comfort and it’s designed for all types of sleepers. I’m naturally a tummy sleeper but my neck would prefer otherwise, however, I do manage it easier on this mattress and it’s all about how my pillows work with it too. Pillows are often underated but they’re a major factor for me when getting a good nights sleep.

Just shortly after we started using our new mattress, I was ill for a few days and bed bound for one of them. What better way to get used to a new mattress hey? Not ideal but I couldn’t have been more grateful for my blissful slumber.

Is it worth the money?

Considering that we spend more or less a third of our lives sleeping, I think that investing in a mattress is money well spent. We proved that by buying our memory foam mattress last time and I have no doubt that this mattress will serve us just as well and I have a sneaky suspicion that it will serve us much better.

Not only is it pretty crucial to have a supportive mattress to help you sleep better but it’s also nice to have some sleeping aids too. If you’ve ever worked night shifts then you will know how important a sleep mask is when it comes to trying to sleep when it’s too light!

How lovely is this sleep kit? The tea has amazing powers and the spray smells gorgeous. Early nights have never been so good…

So after reading about what it’s all about, do you fancy seeing how well the mattress fares when people fling themselves on it for it’s bounceability?! Then look no further…

To find out more about the Simba Hybrid Mattress then you can click this link which also gets you £50 off coupon – if you decide to try one for yourself. They come with a 10 year guarantee and delivery is free. They also come with a 100 DAY TRIAL where you can get a full refund if the mattress isn’t for you – but I bet it will be!.

Nb. We were sent a Simba Hybrid Mattress for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions as ever, remain our own.