5 reasons you know it’s Christmas…

1. Everyone is walking around with their festive coffee cups and it’s no longer a standard latte, it’s now a gingerbread latte to follow on from pumpkin spice at Halloween.

2. It’s all about the adverts on the tv and all the top stores are contending for the best advert that will melt the heart of the nation. However, once you’ve seen the Coca-Cola truck on screen, it really means that we can start to get excited!

3. It’s finally acceptable to start playing Christmas music and not feel guilty about listening to it all day long. Every year, the same old chestnuts are played but you still belt them out to your hearts content and even louder when you’re alone in the car. I know that it sometimes starts way to early in some places but for me, anything from December is absoloutely fine.

There are lots of festive tunes that I love but if I had to choose one song that is my all time favourite, it would be Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas. I have always liked it but I love it just a little bit more because it features in the film Love Actually.

4. You can start binge watching Christmas films and see if they still hold the same magic as they did when you were a child. If not, you get to relive it all through your children.

I always have to watch Love Actually over the festive period and I never tire of watching it. A few years ago we moved into a newbuild flat around the Christmas period and had to wait six weeks for the satellite dish and aerial to be installed. I watched this film a lot, on repeat and yup, I still love it.

5. The decorations can come out of their dusty hideaway and they can once again be adorned around your home. You can give in to the irresistable urge that you had in November and actually put up your tree without judgement!

For me, this all starts tomorrow…

Nb. Collaborative post.