Choose Your Style of Dress with Femme Luxe

Last week I talked about some outfits with details and now I have some more dress styles to show you.  I don’t often wear maxi dresses anymore but if the style is right, then they can be great to wear.

This dress is made from a ribbed fabric although it’s hard to see in the photos. It’s soft as has stretch to it as you might imagine with it being ribbed. The wrap over design at the front means that it’s more supportive when not wearing a bra – as the design with the criss cross back isn’t really suitable for wearing one.

When it comes to White Dresses, you have to know where you’re going to be wearing them. They’re definitely not as forgiving to wear as Black Dresses, but I actually think they can be surprisingly flattering for the figure.

If you like white then this white co ord might catch your eye too. I wore the black version last time and I feel the white version is a lot more of a statement! Co ords don’t always need to be about what you can wear with your Denim Shorts.

I’ve talked about loving a splash of colour in the past and one colour you will rarely find me in, is lime green. I do tend to go for pretty much every other shade of green other than lime. However, it sometimes works and especially so for making your skin tone feel a little warmer. This dress would be fantastic with a tan and that’s where lime really comes into its own.

This dress comes with lots of detailing with the ruched front, back and side, that is adjustable. The silver buckle attachments around the neck incorporate some silver and would make the dress look amazing with some silver stilettos.

If you’re looking for a mini dress that doesn’t have your cleavage or back on display, then this ticks the boxes.  It’s a much more casual look but the tie detail to the front makes it much more interesting.


Nb. Collaborative post with Femme Luxe who sent the items of clothing in return for my views and opinions.