It’s all about the detail with Femme Luxe

Last time I wore the mustard version of this red jumpsuit and because I liked it so much, I was tempted to try it in red too. If I’m honest, I’m never that sure about red on me and even though I do have a few pieces of red clothing in my wardrobe, it’s never my go to colour of choice. I once remember a friend telling me that red drains people with blonde hair and at the time I had a beautiful suede jacket in red. It’s safe to say that I didn’t ever agree with her, but none the less, I’m still sometimes hesitant with some shades of red.

I would say this jumpsuit is a scarlet red, but colours can be so subjective can’t they, depending on whose eyes are seeing the shade. This one certainly has a festive edge to it, don’t you think?!

Moving straight onto my next choice, this black co-ord comes with some extra detailing so what looks like a fairly simple two piece outfit from the front, is actually very different from the back. I’m a massive fan of back detailing like cut out backs, bows and these criss cross chains. They’re not the easiest to do up, but it looks really effective when it’s on.

If you like back details on Black Dresses then this co-ord might work for you too. Plus I think when you have a more revealing aspect to an outfit, more coverage elsewhere looks much nicer.

Move over White Dresses and white skirts, this cream faux leather has a place of it’s own now. The skirt is quite fitted but the pleated hem flutes out around the bottom and it comes with a belt to fasten and give more definition around the waistline.


Like the white tennis skirt, it looks best in my opinion worn with a black top, like this one that I’ve worn with Denim Shorts in the past. Collaborative post with Femme Luxe who sent the items of clothing in return for my views and opinions.