5 Essential After-Sun Skincare Tips

Most people love to put on a nice tan, whether as they go or come from vacation. Whether you just came or are about to head to the beach for the vacation, you must maintain that lovely and golden glow as long as possible. Taking care of your natural skin and tan ensures that you do not emerge with damaged skin after your beautiful vacation. Here are some great tips to help you keep your skin glowing, happy, and healthy!

Gently Exfoliate Your Skin

After you have spent some time under the sun, dead skin cells build up on your skin. These dead cells can clog pores and cause pimples to form, in addition to making them look dull. By gently exfoliating these dead skin cells off, you will be able to keep your skin looking fresh and clean while keeping your face clear of pimples and blackheads. Exfoliating your skin regularly will make your tan look better for longer as well. Keeping the exfoliate to a gentle level is also important to avoid causing damage to the natural layer of oil in your skin.

Hydrate Your Body

On hot days, dehydration can be a serious threat to your body, and it is always recommended that you keep yourself as hydrated as possible! Dehydration can make your skin look flaky and rough, as well as putting your tan at risk of fading faster than usual. Most people use creams to hydrate and moisturise the skin. You can also use products like the Blue lagoon algae bioactive concentrate to keep your skin hydrated and lock in the moisture, as well as repair it after a day under the sun.

Eat Beta Carotenes

Eating foods that contain beta carotenes, ascorbic acid, and retinol can help you achieve a healthy tan. Foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables or fruits enriched in vitamin A can be eaten daily to keep your skin glowing throughout the summer season. Keep eating these foods to avoid the risk of your tan fading!

Use a Tanning Extender

When you spend time under the sun, your tan starts to fade and lose its beautiful colour. This is where a tan extender comes in handy. Tan extenders are a great way to keep your skin looking fabulous after your sunbathing session, especially if you do not want to look like you have just spent some time outdoors. You can use a tan extender to keep your skin looking sultry and sexy. Tan extenders are usually products you apply on top of the natural layer of oil in your body. They can be applied after showering or before you go to bed. Once these have been absorbed into the skin, they will help prolong the effects of the tan on your skin.

Drink Lots of Water

After a day under the sun, dehydration is one of the major factors in making your skin look dull. It can also make it flaky and rough, as well as causing it to lose moisture faster than usual. To avoid seeing your beautiful tan fade faster than expected, make sure you drink lots of water, at least 1.5 litres a day! For an extra boost of hydration, treat yourself to a luxury facial.

Following these five basic rules makes it very easy to take care of your skin and tan whether you are heading to or out of a vacation. Always remember to hydrate your skin at all times, but especially when you are out in the sun. Have fun!

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