Go Bold In Your Downstairs Toilet

If you want to go bold with your decor but sometimes lack the confidence to go for it, then a small room like the toilet is the perfect place to start. It can often be a room that is overlooked and might end up being the last room to get a makeover, but it’s definitely a space that is worth investing some time and money in.

Many people use spaces like this to express their individual style and it’s a great opportunity to inject those flamboyant ideas that otherwise wouldn’t be featured elsewhere. The downstairs toilet is a small haven that won’t be seen by everyone who visits your house, but if they do, why not make it an experience!

Choose your theme

The first aspect to make a decision on is the overall look you are trying to achieve. Do you want a more traditional style or are you leaning towards a more quirky look?

If you like your rooms more simplistic, then you might want to opt for bare walls and clean lines. If you don’t want the room too busy then you can keep accessories to the bare minimum with a mirror, towel rail, soap dispenser and a place for the toilet rolls. Perhaps you’re not brave enough to go wild on the walls? Then maybe this is your chance to make a statement with some patterned floor tiles. Often floor tiles can make the room without much else going on. A white room looks fantastic with black accents, so go for that bold black and white flooring and keep the rest of the room minimalistic.

Dark or light?

It depends on whether your toilet has a window then you might want to enhance the light that comes into the room. By choosing a lighter tone with white walls, panelling or tiling, you can create a calming space.  There are lots of tile shops that offer a wide range of styles to suit the theme you have in mind and it’s usually a good idea to tile around the back of the toilet to maintain a more hygienic space if it’s possible to do so.

Many toilets do not have windows depending on where they are positioned in a house, particularly under stairs! You might find the room gloomy and feel that going dark might be the opposite of what you should do, but in fact it’s often a great excuse to embrace the dark. Think a deep midnight shade of blue or a forest green and you can really go to town on gold accents such as mirrors and taps. Dark can often look opulent and it certainly makes for a very interesting room, whatever the size. When a room is more quirky by design it means that accessories can be whatever you decide them to be. Do you have a picture or have seen a print that perhaps wouldn’t look right elsewhere in your home? Then then the downstairs loo most certainly has a home for it.

Whether you choose to go wild with a tropical or botanical theme or keep things simple, make sure that the smallest space in your home is a room to be proud of.