Bump Diary: 37 weeks



At this point in my pregnancy I am classed as full term although the normal point is the 40 week mark. Between 37-42 weeks is when babies are developed enough to enter the world so any day from now my baby has reached a vital point. It’s only a few weeks now until we get to meet our little man.

Over the last couple of days I have noticed that my bump has really sprouted, almost over night and I really do feel quite large now. My skin is still feeling and looking healthy *fingers crossed * but I have been upping the anti with creaming my bump, just in case any stretch marks should decide to creep up on me…

I had a really strange dream on Saturday night that the baby flipped round in my tummy, painlessly and I could see the outline of his head and body like my skin was almost translucent. Sounds freaky but it wasn’t in the slightest and I just remember wondering why the baby would decide to turn from head down/engaged position. Dreams when pregnant can be odd to say the least!

I must say I have been enjoying my maternity leave so far. I haven’t managed to tick off everything on my ‘to do’ list, far from it but I feel happy that all the major preparations are done. The new travel system has been bought, a new crib is sat waiting, there are some new outfits all washed and ready as well as the masses of clothes that will be inherited from big brother Beastie. We have bought a name plaque to match his big brothers, obviously a different name though and we shall put that up once he has arrived.

At the moment I get two free days a week when Beastie is at nursery so those days are really the one’s that I try and make the most out of. Last week wasn’t a great week for me as I was worried about Beastie’s future at his current nursery and wrote a post here stressing about what to do. Hopefully it’s all going to be fine but that was a whole day that I probably could have done without, I didn’t get much done and I certainly didn’t relax.

My next free day that week started off to be promising but after a couple of errands in the morning I started to feel a little strange come midday. My vision became a little blurry, like I had been looking into a lightbulb or looking up at a bright sky. It was gloriously sunny outside but I hadn’t looked out at the sun so knew it couldn’t be that and as I tried to clear them I thought I might have makeup in them. You see I had just watched a snippet of This Morning where Holly Willoughby had started to blubber a bit which prompted me to have a bit of a tearful moment. In the end I could only put it down to a migraine as I simply needed to go and lie down to have a rest with the curtains drawn. I never really like to call it a migraine as I used to suffer awful migraines as a child where the room would spin and I would throw up all day, this could last a day or two and the slightest thing used to trigger them. Spinning round, hot days and additives in food were just a few of the culprits. I did however grow out of them and sometimes I think I just get some mild symptoms, thank goodness. Anyhow in my pregnancy it is a little warning that I must slow down and put my feet up. So there was another day that I did nothing of any use and I couldn’t even get any blogging done which I would have liked to. I just about caught up with TOWIE before I had to retire to bed that afternoon for a couple of hours.

I am still trying to find the time to start a couple of books I have waiting to read. I made an attempt early Saturday evening, where I had a rare spell in the bedroom alone. I picked up the book and tried to immerse myself in the first chapter, hopeful that the story would absorb me straight away and I would be hooked from there on. However, this wasn’t to be the case as my back was really aching and which ever way I lay I simply could not get comfortable. Such a golden opportunity wasted but I shall try again…