10 things that might happen to you when you breastfeed…

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Beastie household and I am gradually getting to grips with the juggling act of being a Mum to two. So to ease me back in I bring you my list of things that happen to you when you breastfeed.

I know I will think of more once I post this, isn’t it always the way? It’s not always an easy ride breastfeeding with lots of ups and downs at the beginning. There have been a few moments of despair and plentiful occasions feeding in public with a fretful baby *aargh* but I just love being able to do this for my little boy, warts and all!

  1. You become a walking dummy
  2. Your boobs start to resemble a road map with the network of veins on display
  3. You could make money glamour modelling – if it wasn’t for the veins, flabby tummy and eye bags
  4. Your cleavage is much more impressive than before…but…
  5. Your current tops/dresses no longer fit 🙁
  6. You realise breast pads for the first few weeks are as essential as having a wee…now you wouldn’t want to get caught short
  7. You get stopped in your tracks when your milk comes in every few hours *wince*
  8. You find getting your boobs out (discreetly now!) in public becomes second nature
  9. You figure gorging on cake and the like is essential to keep up your energy levels and milk supply *ahem*
  10. You are constantly sourcing feeding/changing rooms when out and about to the point of being obsessed