Bump Diary: 32 weeks

I have had a bit to say this last week to contribute to the diary but have been hanging on for the 32 week point. Today we went to see a consultant midwife to discuss the options with the birth. I was lead to believe that her role was primarily to coerce me into opting for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean) and both my husband and I had not been looking forward to this appointment. I had listened to the experience of my colleague with this midwife and I wasn’t at all sure what to expect.

We waited nearly an hour for the appointment and after a not so great start to the day combined with not sleeping well and feeling generally pooped, I was ready to walk out. At that point the midwife called us in and we were pleasantly surprised with what she had to say and her manner. She was simply there to convey the facts we needed and to have an informal discussion about what I expected for the birth. I was glad that my husband came along too as he raised a couple of concerns that I wouldn’t have thought about mentioning. She could see that we were pretty certain that we wanted a caesarean so there was nothing more to do but to book our final appointment for 4 weeks time taking us up to 36 weeks. This appointment will be when they book in the caesarean for when I am full term, or not be the case, should I change my mind. The midwife eventually sent us away armed with information, facts and figures and gave us the opportunity to email her with any further questions should they arise in the meantime. All in all a great appointment with an outcome much better than we expected.

During the last couple of weeks I have been feeling increasingly cumbersome and getting a tad fed up. The dreaded acid reflux has been back with a vengeance and I feel ever so slightly panicked if I leave the house having forgotten my Gaviscon tablets. I have a massive stock of the new strawberry flavour tablets and I am so grateful that I don’t have to make do with mint flavour ones or fruit flavoured rennies. I am looking forward to the instant relief from indigestion and heartburn in a couple of months. Anyone that has to take Gaviscon, or the like, on a regular basis has my every sympathy.

I have been getting restless legs and leg cramps on and off during the night which can make me paranoid about stretching out too much. I have looked after a few patients at work lately that have had major back surgery where they have been in significant pain afterwards. It often takes a little while to get on top of their pain once they arrive in Recovery so it can be quite hard to manage. The main complaint that they all have is terrible cramping in their backs and legs and this always makes me appreciate what they must be going through. Cramp is simply horrendous but a short episode in my calf from time to time is nothing compared to what they have to go through over a prolonged period, imagine the cramp in your leg lasting an hour?!

I am also usually a tummy sleeper so sleeping on my side is not naturally comfortable for me and I am finding that I am cutting the circulation off a lot in my arms. I have heard this is a common side effect during pregnancy where carpal tunnel syndrome can occur. I usually wake up with a a couple of numb fingers which spring back to life pretty quickly. However in my first pregnancy I woke up to find one arm completely limp and I was hysterical. Of course my arm was fine, I still have two, but the pain once the blood started to fill my arm again was not something I want to experience again. It’s worrying to think that I effectively tourniquet my arms when I sleep!

Anyway enough of the moaning and onto more positive things. My Mum and Dad decided to buy us a crib for the baby as our moses basket wasn’t ideal first time round. So now we have a beautiful white swinging crib that we will be able to fit in our bedroom and hopefully this will last a bit longer than the 3 months that the moses basket provided. Beastie has also got a lovely new single bed (that is so comfortable!) and the cot bed is now dissembled until the baby needs to be moved into it, in approximately 6 months, eek! The boys bedroom needs a good sort out and a makeover, seeing as it is going to be a room for two little boys soon. I am hoping to use some of the fantastic paints available from The Nursery Paint Company to give it a new lease of life.

Beastie is now becoming much more aware of the baby . He has been asking when the baby is coming out and referring to him as ‘little brother’. He saw a baby on the television the other day and seemed extremely interested to know when my baby was coming out. I only hope that he’s as pleased to meet his little brother when the time comes and that the green eyed monster doesn’t stick around too long. He has such a caring side so I am hoping that this will shine through when his baby brother is around.

My maternity leave date has been officially confirmed now and I have just 3 weeks left to work, which works out to be just 9 shifts, which sounds so much better somehow. So in just a few short weeks I will have a lot more time on my hands and will be able to get on with some more preparation for the baby. Painting and the search for a new pushchair. I actually couldn’t sleep last night for thinking of what pushchair we should get, my mind boggled last time with the choice available and three years later there is even more choice. More hours of endless research lay ahead of me. We want a system that folds up reasonably small for the boot. I am not too bothered about having a pram part to the system, the main requirement is that I can click the car seat onto the chassis and the pushchair itself isn’t too big…so any suggestions and recommendations are very much welcome 🙂