Bump Diary: 28 weeks

Yesterday I finally got to see my midwife after what had seemed like an eternity. I mentioned in my previous post about the length of time you have to wait between appointments in your second pregnancy and how surprised I was by it all, so it was finally good to be able to speak to her and be examined. I had my bloods taken last week in preparation for seeing my midwife and I was pleased that the results had arrived in time.

I have been saying throughout this pregnancy that I do not feel as large as I was last time and how I expected to be larger with my second. I know not every pregnancy is the same but I thought that the fact I am carrying another boy would straight away determine that I would be bigger. I know the baby could be lying differently in my tummy and I may not be gaining as much weight now because I have a toddler to run around after…it could be many things but finally the midwife clarified yesterday that I am indeed measuring small. A whole 3 cms smaller than I should be, despite the possibility her measurements might have been a little off and the baby may be due a growth spurt, this didn’t sit well with me, especially as I had been measuring over with Beastie.

My midwife wanted to wait a couple of weeks and measure me again unless I was worried. I was certainly not going to sit on my laurels for another two weeks hoping for that growth spurt so I told her that I have been feeling small throughout and yes I was concerned. She was very lovely and didn’t hesitate in referring me to the ultrasound department so that they can fit me in for a scan to check the measurements more accurately and that all is well with the baby. I am now waiting for a slot to become available this week and I am so glad that I highlighted the fact I was worried, all too often I don’t pipe up when asked, so thankfully I did this time. I know that more often that not there is nothing to worry about but there is always that element of doubt and when a baby is concerned, nothing is more important.

Besides measuring small it was reassuring to hear that my bloods and urine were all within normal limits. I had been wondering about what my glucose levels may be after an over indulgent, extremely sugary Christmas but I needn’t have worried. This is not to say I will carry on as much as I love all things sweet at the moment, I think that will be pushing my luck and certainly not the best way to encourage my baby to grow, just my thighs and bum!

The baby has been very active (sugary treats?) lately and certainly making his presence known. I have been wincing in pain a little bit with some of his movements as it can feel like he is needling my scar tissue at the caesarean site. Just a nice gentle reminder that this womb has already been stretched to capacity once and is heading that way again….

So for now I am waiting for a call about the scan to see what measurements they will come back with and we are also pleased that we get to have a sneaky peek at him again too 🙂