29 weeks pregnant

I had hoped to do more regular pregnancy posts but as usual life has been busy and I’ve simply not gotten around to it. I also don’t like to just ramble on for the sake of it and I’m sure some of my posts with my previous pregnancies have been pretty much that, endless ramblings.


Today I got a call from the doctors asking me to pick up a prescription for iron tablets. The dreaded iron tablets – I hate them so much. I had to take them when Beastie was born and struggled so much with them that I actually stopped taking them. So I was surprised that my blood level is low enough to warrant taking them during my pregnancy having escaped taking them before.  One thing that does add up is how I have been feeling though. It was only yesterday that I officially brought my maternity leave forward by three weeks, simply as work is becoming a struggle. It’s only two days a week but those two days have been taking their toll and I guess anaemia won’t have been helping with this. I’ve been finding my stomach muscles have been pulling a lot and my support band has actually made the world of difference when working. My recent fatigue and breathlessness are definitely down to needing those pesky iron tablets. I’m now thinking about eating my own body weight worth of spinach everyday!

I mentioned at 24 weeks that I seemed to be carrying small and had received comments on this. Well since my 28 week check with the midwife, things have certainly changed a little. All of sudden my baby is measuring off the scale and if she’s still measuring big at 34 weeks then I’ll be booked in for a scan. That’s when they’ll be looking into whether gestational diabetes might be causing this. Although to be fair I’ll be getting quite near to having my c-section by then so I do wonder why they leave things so long? I’ve also booked to have the whooping cough immunisation next week (due apparently between weeks 28-32) but this was only thanks to my own research rather than being advised by my midwife. It was never mentioned to me. I do feel that after your first baby you are very much ‘left to it’ with subsequent babies.

So for now, I very much need to slow down a little until I feel I have some more energy. It still seems like I have so long to go as August feels a long way off. I have lots of projects I want to get started and of course settle down to some nesting before her arrival. The start of my maternity leave will be a big sigh of relief.