Scoot ‘n Pull Review

Following on my from my previous review about the Mookie Scooter and Scoobit, I can now add my final accessory, the Scoot ‘n Pull. While we were road testing a scooter I decided that it would be good to try out any accessories that may be available to use with it. We were sent a bright red one to try out with Beastie’s new scooter. The idea behind it is that you can use it to pull your toddler along once they get tired of scooting and also for you to keep hold of them when you are in busy places or by a main road for example.

Scoot ‘n Pull

It is a strap harness that you attach to the upright part of the scooter, under the handle bars and pop the loop around your hand to then pull along. It also doubles up as a useful over shoulder carry strap, making it easier for you to carry home or from school or when your child decides to abandon it.

Acting as a carry strap

Here is Beastie road testing the strap and he didn’t mind at all being pulled along, something that doesn’t surprise me! It’s a great idea for boosting confidence when using a scooter is still quite new to toddlers. Having to find their balance, steer and scoot can be a little challenging so this is a great idea to get them moving, with a little helping hand in front of them.

In action
We’re off…
Having a go himself

Each time we have taken Beastie out with his scooter his attention span has been limited. We will reach the end of the road and he will already be bored and more than likely want carrying or simply to walk beside the scooter. The fact he can pull it himself is a good idea, children like pulling things along just as much as pushing them along. The carry strap has been very useful, although this scooter folds neatly for transporting it is much easier slinging it over your shoulder, providing you with two free hands. Particularly useful if you feel the need to take the buggy out with you just in case a little person becomes a little lazy or tired.

Scoot ‘n Pull is available in five bright colours and is priced at £6.99. You can order and the see the range here.

Nb. I was kindly sent this items to review. I have shared our experience and expressed opinions on the product that are entirely our own.