Bobble hat cosiness with La Coqueta Kids

One of the things that I love for Georgie at this time of the year is some cosy knitwear now the weather has turned a bit nippy.

Being outside isn’t so bad when there are blue skies and sunshine though and when you’re prepared for it. On days like this it’s when we are still able to enjoy spending time outdoors (as let’s face it, we spend plenty of it inside during the winter months) and Georgie loves to be able to potter around outside and in particular, hang out in her playhouse.

On the school run the other day she was screaming for the wind to stop blowing in her face and how it was making her ears feel cold! Yet she simply will not entertain ear muffs and she’s often undecided with wearing hats. What to do with your child when they don’t want to wear their winter warmers?

However, I love a bobble hat and when I love to wear something, she can usually be persuaded to love it too.

La Coqueta

She received this gorgeous grey merino wool bobble hat from La Coqueta kids accessories and she’s been wearing it inside as well as out. This grey one features bobble detailing and is crafted from 100% merino wool – meaning it’s so super soft. I’m kind of jealous that I don’t have one like this too.

It’s also pretty handy for taming her wild curls while she plays as I’m forever seeing her sweeping her hair out of her eyes. Yet she’s very selective about when she will have her hair up in a ponytail or bunches and even then, her hair still comes loose.

Now it’s time to find some gloves that she will actually wear and keep on at the same time…

Nb. Georgie was sent the merino wool bobble hat for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions remain our own.