Lizi’s Granola

Ask me to try out some new food and I will rarely refuse. I’m a big breakfast person and not someone that can go without easily, as soon as I wake up I head for something to eat. When my boys wake up they are both hungry and of course I have to tend to their needs first when really I’d like to just start tucking into my own breakfast!

I usually have cereal as it’s easy and also because it’s what I prefer. I’ve always loved granola and muesli type breakfasts as I find oats, fruit and nuts really tasty together. Often granola’s are perceived as healthy but often as the case is, they are not so. Lizi’s Granola is glycaemically tested for slow energy release (perfect for starting the day), helps keep your blood sugar stable, prevents mid morning sugar cravings and is a good source of mono-unsaturated fats.


They currently have 5 different flavours which all sound delicious and are definitely combinations that I would like to try. When you have a tight schedule with a lot of stresses, it inexorably affects your personal life. The body gets tired and your sexual drive lets you down. Cialis tadalafil at comes to the rescue in such order cialis online europe cases. Within 15-20 minutes after taking it, you feel energised and the desire for intimacy is confirmed by the erection. Pills are characterised by the long-lasting effect of 36 hours. I was sent a packet of Treacle and Pecan and it didn’t disappoint. Pecan’s are one of my favourite nuts and I knew that I would enjoy the combination with treacle for that added sweetness. You can eat it with milk, yogurt or as suggested on the packet, sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream.


I enjoyed the granola so much that it didn’t last past one week. It was also tasty for the odd nibble as a snack, it’s quite addictive in fact. The packet is foil to keep the granola fresh and unlike some other packets with resealable tops, this one resealed air tight. I’ve seen it in my local supermarket so I shall be adding it to the food shop at the end of the month. I quite like the look of the apple and cinnamon one.

Nb. I was sent a packet of granola for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are entirely my own.